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I took the name tarobun because it was something easy to remember and it wasn't taken. Normally I'm a lot more particular about names, especially if there's a chance to pick something I really like, but why fuss when this is supposed to be an anonymous outlet? I don't want my account name to cross-link to anything other web presences that could be tied back to my real identity. So I just went for something easy.

I actually signed up for a livejournal a few moments ago, but was surprised tarobun wasn't taken. Was there a name sweep? I looked up a few articles since I glimpsed something about a Russian livejournal, and I guess there was some fuss about it being moved to Russia with its political censorship laws. I wasn't going to fuss about that, either, but the articles mentioned the laws being anti-lgtbq and after thinking about it for a few moments, I guess the risk wasn't worth trifling with. I'm not super political about that kind of stuff, but I am sorta bi in disposition and pretty bi in personal identity. You never know, why bother risking future hassle if there is a decent alternative?

The article mentioned this alternative and I'm glad I signed up here in retrospect. I like the barebones, throwback aesthetic. Livejournal seemed pretty crummy in comparison, with its corny if outdated branding.

I never actually had a livejournal in the past, or if I did, it's not like I blogged on it. I wasn't much of a livejournal or xanga person, didn't get the appeal of that stuff much. I preferred trying to have my own website on freewebs or customizing my Neopets look-up. I mean, I don't think I was a big writer in the past. Maybe I considered writing stories on fictionpress. But livejournal and xanga seemed corny since they had tools for you to customize it, you know, like myspace a few years later. And if I wanted to write about myself, I'd probably try first a personal website, and then a blogspot or wordpress.

I did end up creating some blogspots and wordpresses later. But there's a weird tension with blogs and how you want to present yourself on it; how much you want to expose your real-life identity, etc. My blogspot ended up being an online form of my messy journals where I wrote anonymously, mostly to myself, about my anxieties and real-life ruminations. Having a disorganized journal isn't that much fun, although it was helpful when I needed it, but I stopped eventually when I didn't have as many ruminations to write and wanted a cleaner presence. But my other blogs were too composed, or I didn't have time to maintain them. Now there's medium, but that somehow is linked to your professional identity.

You can't just write informally, on there, like you can on a good old livejournal. Ah, what a good idea I just had to randomly create one. Anyway, I do like just writing to other people long posts on the forums of my favorite scanlation groups, but there's only so much you can offload in a thread where people aren't obligated to be interested in your minute travails about your life. And it's not something that belongs to you, that you can update and maintain as some archive of your own life. So, here we are. With a cool dreamwidth, the new livejournal for the 2010s and close-to-2020s. Nice throwback.



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